Rotating conveyor


Rotating conveyor

Rotating conveyor, What are the applications?

Conveyor belts in general can already help you with product handling. In some cases, you can also use rotating conveyors. These allow you to rotate products 90, 180, 270 or even 360 degrees for efficient product handling. Not only does rotating conveyors allow you to orientate products and goods, your production process will also go faster. In this article, we will tell you all about rotating conveyors and when they work to your advantage:

  • What are rotating conveyors?

  • When do I use rotary conveyors?

  • What are the advantages of a rotating belt conveyor?

What are rotary conveyors

Let's start with the question: what exactly is a rotary conveyor belt? Rotating conveyors are, as the name suggests, conveyors that can rotate products and goods. Sometimes this can be very useful to efficiently use the space you have in your warehouse, or because the product needs to be rotated in a special way.

When do I use rotary conveyors?

Sometimes it is necessary to make turns in your transport process; rotating conveyors are simply unavoidable. Sometimes a product also needs to be rotated 180 degrees or more to check labels and packaging for possible damage.

Why choose a rotating conveyor?

  • Speed: 40m/minute;

  • Loads up to 50 kg/m;

  • Small footprint;

  • Low friction operation;

  • Rotates products 90, 180 or 270 degrees.

What are the advantages of a rotating conveyor belt?

The great advantage of rotating conveyors is that human power is no longer required to inspect the packages, as the conveyor can rotate the products and goods automatically. In addition, it is an efficient way of transporting, as you make efficient use of the space in your warehouse.

Are you curious about the possibilities for your warehouse?

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