Conveying PET bottles with stability


Conveying PET bottles with stability

Synchronised in and outfeeds pevents tipping

Drinks packaging in aluminium cans, glass bottles, tetra cardboard cartons was replaced with polyethylene terephthalate (PET) due to its cost, lightweight and ease of production.

  • Big players in the beverage industry are moving rapidly to make recyclable PET bottles
  • Coca Cola European Partners changing to 100 percent recycled PET
  • Bottles maintain their light weight and attractive shelf appearance

Conveying the lightweight empty bottles at high speeds is not an easy task, mainly due to their instability. The challenge is in the transition of the bottles from one machine into another. Any disturbance such as speed, level or angle difference, can lead to the bottles tipping over as they move rapidly through the filling line.

Apollo’s Mass Flow Spiral Conveyor was developed specifically for the beverage market with lightweight bottles in mind. The conveyor has a capacity of up to a
120.000 bottles or cans per hour, handling them with optimal care to maintain stability and prevent tipping. Synchronised in and outfeeds avoid any speed differences between the bottles. The infeed and outfeed are absolutely flat in contrast, to any other vertical belt conveying system.