Stacked Spiral

Stacked Spiral

New Development - Stacked Spiral Conveyor

Stacked Spiral

The Royal Apollo Group would like to introduce you to our new innovative product: the Loopless Stacked Spiral Conveyor!

Why this new development?

With the trend for warehouses and production lines to go higher, products sometimes need to be transported to considerable heights, even beyond the limitations of a single Spiral Conveyor. This is where the Stacked Spiral Conveyor comes in handy as it can transport products up to greater heights. Therefore, the concept of stacking Spiral Conveyors on top of each other to gain more elevation height is a well-proven and reliable concept that has been implemented several times by us.

Stacked Spiral

However, to connect each stack of Spiral Conveyor to another, a monorail conveyor is required to loop from the outfeed to infeed of the Spiral Conveyors that are sitting on top of each other. This means additional space (and cost) will be used.

In the new design, the infeed and outfeed of the connecting stacked Spiral Conveyors are now joined directly together with no loops. The returnbox is located next to the turns to avoid collision with machinery parts. This principle allows multiple Spiral Conveyors to be connected infinitely! This design is also applicable for all single lane Spiral Conveyors.

What are the main advantages of the new development?

Space and cost

Our new development addresses the space requirements for stacking. The new design is based on the same reliable design principle as the standard Spiral Conveyor, but eliminates the need for additional loops in between the Spiral Conveyors. (See figure 1.) Therefore, both space and cost for the loop is saved!


The transfer sections between the Stacked Spiral Conveyors are inclining to obtain the lowest possible number of turns. Besides that, by keeping these sections inclined and including (driven) transfer rollers, we have created the smoothest transfer of products from one Spiral Conveyor into another.

Reliability and robustness

The design is set up with a straight part at all transfer sections to ensure that no internal and radial forces are applied on the sprocket wheel, bearings, poly string, and other machinery parts. (See figure 2.) This ensures a low wear ratio and results in the highest possible lifetime of all components in the machine.

Figure 1


Figure 2

Figure 2


Do you think our new Stacked Spiral Conveyor design could be the solution that suits you? Our team of sales and technical experts would be happy to discuss with you about our new systems and how they could potentially benefit you. Contact us via the contact form on our website or drop a mail to