Spiral Conveyors

Every Spiral Conveyor is designed according our proven reliable technology, offering many features and benefits. This technology makes the Apollo Spiral Conveyors faster and more reliable than any other Vertical Transport Solution.

Which spiral conveyor suits my needs?

It depends. We have different types of spiral conveyors. We have the Single Lane-, Dual Lane-, Heavy Duty-, Mass Flow-, Narrow Trak- and Wide Trak spiral conveyors. Which spiral conveyor suits your needs, really depends on some factors, such as the products or the amount of products. How many space do you have? For full bottles our Mass Flow conveyor could suit your needs. For really small loads, you can think about the Narrow Trak conveyor. We would love to discuss the possibilities with you.


Our Spiral Conveyors can be modified with several options.

Can we provide you with more information?

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