Bucket Elevator Food

Horizontal and vertical bulk transport in one for the food sector

Bucket Elevator Food


Due to the absence of any friction forces pendulum bucket elevators are ideal for abrasive products. The bucket elevator knows a long maintenance interval something which is not affected by the abrasiveness of the product.

Corrosive handling

Apollo’s bucket elevators are used on a wide range of applications including handling highly abrasive and corrosive products. Various bucket materials are available ensuring optimal chemical compatibility.

Dust control

Due to the nature of the pendulum bucket elevator where horizontal transport is combined with vertical transport dust levels will be low as there is no open discharge from one conveyor into another. The elevator itself is air-tight and an under pressure can be maintained in the elevator ensuring that no dust is exposed to the environment.

The bucket elevator is designed for extreme high dust levels even when the product is highly abrasive. Through optimal positioned suction points, dust tight bearings and anti-static buckets pollution levels remain very low which contributes to machine reliability and low maintenance.

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Suitable for

  • Powder
  • Screws


Though the products are designed to deliver high performance during a life time, no machine can operate without maintenance.


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