Pallet Handling Systems

Pallet Handling Systems for all kind of industries

Pallet Handling Systems

Besides options for material handling by vertical conveying and Baling and Debaling, we can provide you with solutions for Pallet Handling and Pallet Transport. We produce Roller Conveyors, Chain Conveyors, Turntables, Angle Transfer Units, Pallet Lifts and Transfer Trolleys. All these solutions are specifically designed and produced in consultation with the customer, in order to provide a custom made solution. We also make various types of Pallet Storage Units and other Pallet Handling Systems and Solutions.

Why choose for our wide range of Pallet Solutions?

  • High reliability;
  • High quality materials;
  • Extremely high durability;
  • Specifically designed and produced for the client;
  • Designed in accordance to specific customer needs.

How it works

Our Pallet Conveyor Systems do not have one specific way of functioning, as they are always produced based on the clients wishes. The different components we produce are seamlessly connected to each other. For instance, empty pallets can be placed in a Pallet Storage Unit, each of which is deposited on a Pallet Roller Conveyor or other Pallet Handling Conveyor, such as a Chain Conveyor. With our Pallet Lifts we can arrange pallet transport between different floors in a building. Each of these components are designed specifically based on the customers’ needs.

Our Pallet Handling Solutions have a high reliability, because we strive to only use materials and parts of high quality. For example, our Pallet Systems are driven by a SEW motor. This high quality and our robust design, guarantees a machine with a high durability. Because our solutions are customer driven, they are always perfectly fitted to your business and its demands.

Industries for Pallet Handling

Our Pallet Handling Systems are integrated in lots of different industries. An examples can be found in the food industry, such as the potato processing industry, the baking industry and the frozen food industry. Our Pallet Handling Systems are equipped to handle high demands (often in cold and humid environments) and constant throughput, which makes them highly suited for many types of industries. We do not provide a standard solution but a custom made one, which might be required in any type of industry.

Our Roller Conveyors and Chain Conveyors mainly transport standard pallets such as block pallets (1.200 x 1.000 mm) and euro pallets (1.200 x 800 mm), but we can also transport different pallet sizes.

Please feel free to contact us if you are wondering how our systems would fit into your business. We are always willing to think along, whether we can provide advice on Pallet Handling or on our Spiral Conveyors, in order to provide you with the necessary solutions for your business.

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Though the products are designed to deliver high performance during a life time, no machine can operate without maintenance.


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