Coco Block Debaler

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Coco Block Debaler

Coco coir, also known as coconut coir, coco pith or coco peat, is used more and more in the horticultural business. The coir is obtained from the coconut husks, which are the hard hairy shells. Due to the importance of shipping costs the coir is compressed into coco coir blocks, which saves valuable shipping space and increases shipping capacity. However, in order to use coco coir the material needs to be decompressed and returned to coco peat moss. The question is: how to break up coco coir blocks without damaging or changing the materials? Our Coco Block Debaler does just that, as it has been developed to break compressed coco coir pith, blocks, bales or slabs apart in a gentle manner.

Why choose the Apollo Coco Block Debaler?

  • Minimum damage to the fibers;
  • Size of the blocks can be determined by the customer;
  • Water can be adjusted to the wishes of the customer;
  • Several models based on needed capacity;
  • Easily combined with our Coco Block Loader;
  • Delivers a ready to use product.

How does the Coco Block Debaler work?

The Apollo Coco Block Debaler works with compression ratios of 4:1 all the way up to 10:1. The Coco Coir Debaler gently debales the coco blocks apart with minimum damage to the fibres, unlike hammer mills that use high RPM. Because of the design, the Coco Block Debaler moves the coco coir block material in a figure eight cycle that gently rubs the blocks apart in a dry state, without changing or damaging the product too much. After the material is separated, the coco coir is transported to the exit of the machine, where the machine will add water in order to bring the coir back to its original voluminous state. The machine then dispenses the coconut coir bulk through an outlet into a depository, ready to be used.

Three Models

There are multiple models of the Apollo Coco Coir Debaler: CBD5, CBD10 and the CDB60. These models differ based on capacity, as the CBD5 has a lower capacity than the CBD10 and the CDB60. If you need more capacity than the Coco Block Debaler 5 can supply, the Coco Block Debaler 10 or the Coco Block Debaler 60 might be what you are looking for! All of these Coir Block Machines work best when the body is full of coco coir, so it is important to keep the coco coir machine at its maximum output. To keep the infeed continuous, we recommend our Coco Block Loader: this system fills the machine which will reduce the labour costs. It is also possible to use a Pallet Loader so that a complete pallet can be fed into the Coco Block Debaler 10 and Coco Block Debaler 60. This will reduce the labour costs, as manual loading will not be necessary.

The Coco Block Debaler 5 will process one pallet of compressed raw material in about one hour. The water consumption of the machine will be between 10 to 25 liters of water per minute. This is depending on the moisture content that is required for your process. The Coco Block Debaler 10 will process 1,5 pallets of compressed raw material per hour. With this debaler, the water consumption will be around 45 liters of water per minute. The Coco Block Debaler 60 machine works the same as the smaller Coco Block Debalers, but has a far higher capacity. The Coco Block Debaler 60 will process 5 pallets of compressed material in about an hour. If you would like to know which model best suits your business, feel free to contact us. We are always willing to help and to think along, so we can provide you with the best possible solution for your business.

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