Big Bale Press

The most efficient and flexible compressing and packing system available on the market

Big Bale Press
Big Bale Press

The Apollo ISC Big Bale Press (BBP65) is part of our Big Bale Packaging Concept: the most efficient and flexible compressing and packing system available on the market today. The Big Bale press in itself is a compact and fully automatic installation for compressing, packing and palletizing bulk products. The Big Bale Press can be used for a wide range of compressible and cohesive products, such as peat, biomass and compost.

How it works

The Big Bale Press consists of three main elements: the Press, the Roller Conveyor and the Pallet Destacker. The press is filled with material from above, compressing the product into a tight bale, the machine then places it onto a pallet where it is wrapped in foil. This foil is automatically sealed at the bottom and the top of the bale, which limits overheating to a minimum and prevents contamination of the product.

The efficiency of the Big Bale Press

The Baling Press Machine keeps foil consumption to a minimum by stretching the wrapping foil. As a result, there is a reduction in the use of packing materials up to 60% in comparison with traditional packaging methods. After wrapping the bale it can be transported.

Because of the use of the patented press table, it is possible to achieve high pressure up to 65 tons, without damaging the pallet. The Big Bale Press can handle pallets of various sizes, depending on which pallet size is suitable for the product. Thanks to the compact and flexible size of the big bale, your product can be transported, delivered and stored in the most efficient way. Due to the three-in-one installation, the Big Bale Press not only reduces capital outlay, but also helps you to minimize expenses in other costly processes, such as transport, storage and packaging materials.

Three types to fit your business

The Big Bale Press 65 can handle bales with a volume of 2 m³ up to 7 m³, and with a height of 1 meter up to 2.5 meter. Considering this, the maximum production capacity of the Big Bale Press 65 is up to 30 Big Bales per hour in one compression cycle. This capacity of the Baler is also depending on the infeed capacity and the specs of the different types of materials.

If the BBP65 is too “heavy” for your production capacity needs, it might be a solution to choose for our light version. The light version is ideal for companies with a lower production capacity, that still have the need for a Big Bale Press. The light version of the BBP65 has a lower production capacity: up to 17 bales per hour in one compression cycle, and 11 bales per hour in two compression cycles, also depending on the infeed capacity and different types of materials. The main advantages of the light version are the lower investments costs and that it is easy to upgrade the light version to the fully equipped hydraulic Baler (BBP65), while still maintaining high quality.

For compressing, packing and palletizing on several locations, our Mobile Big Bale Press might be the best solution, as it specially made for outside use (from 0°C). This is convenient, for example for compressing and baling peat near the peat bog. By compressing peat in the Mobile BBP, you make it possible to transport more material in one truck which minimizes shipping costs. Furthermore, the mobile version works the same as the regular BBP65, as it is packaging efficient and can handle the same capacity.

What type of product is it suited for?

The Big Bale Press is ideal for the compressing, packaging and palletizing of a wide range of bulk products, such as compost, ground domestic waste, biomass, cellulose insulation, corn silage, straw fibre or peat moss. It is also very suitable for wood products, such as wood fibre, wood shaving and wood chips.

We can provide you with the best solution during the entire packaging process. If you are wondering which model of our Baling Press Machines suits your business, or if the machine suits the product you are involved with, feel free to contact us. We are always willing to help and to think along, so we can provide you with the best possible solution for you business.

Characteristics of the Big Bale Press

  • All compressible and cohesive bulk products with a bulk weight of 150 kg to 650 kg per m³
  • Variable compression of 1.5:1 to 5:1
  • Weight of Big-bales of 250 kg up to 2,000 kg
  • Can be processed automatically
  • Can be stored horizontally or vertically
  • Produced with pallet
  • Suitable for various pallet sizes
  • Sealed at top and bottom
  • Can be easily released without loss of structure and volume
  • Available in a heavy, light or mobile version to fit your business best

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