Wat’s on Tour, Day 3: Train to Wagga Wagga


Wat’s on Tour, Day 3: Train to Wagga Wagga

Taking the train, he traveled to the beautiful city of Wagga Wagga, founded by the Aboriginal Wiradjuri Peoples. This was such an exciting journey for him, to visit one of the largest meat processor and exporter in the country for a Spiral Conveyor health check-up, but also to meet a lot of kangaroos along the way!

Making sure that our customers' Spiral Conveyors are working efficiently and effectively is our top priority, and we're grateful for the opportunity to serve as a trusted partner to companies in several industries.

This ends our first Wat’s on Tour mini-series, but Wat will be back as he travels to more places around the world to check up on our installations and provide training to our customers’ maintenance teams!

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