The Configurator


The Configurator

At Apollo, we are always busy to improve our internal processes in order to provide your business with the best possible service.

Recently, we have been optimizing our quotation process. We understand that when a quotation is requested, a quick response is desirable. But apart from response speed, the quotation needs to be as accurate as possible. Our new Configurator for Spiral Conveyors will help us deliver quotations faster and in a more accurate manner!

Our configurator is programmed to work with a fixed base and add additions along the way. The configurator is ready for internal use at the end of September. In the near future it will be possible for our customers to use our configurator themselves, to get an even quicker response to requesting a quotation!

In short, these are the main advantages of our Spiral Conveyor Configurator:

  • Makes use of a fixed base, possibility for additions;
  • Instant quotations for our customers;
  • In the near future, the configurator will be available for our customers.

If you have any questions about our Spiral Conveyors or the quotation process, please feel free to contact us!

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