Material Handling Solutions


Material Handling Solutions

Material Handling Solutions

Looking for a material handling solution? Apollo can help you out! Of course, you want to fully protect, store and control your products and materials while handling and distributing.

Apollo believes that this process should be a lot safer and more efficient. Because of this, we have developed various systems that can help in the process. We strive to develop and deliver products and services that help you grow! Our material handling systems could be very helpful with your growth.

But first, what is a material handling system?

Good question, what exactly is a material handling system? It is difficult to give one clear answer to this because there are different types of systems, each designed for different purposes.

A material handling system is a trusted system that helps to store, move, protect and control products and materials. This is more efficient and also, a lot safer. And last but not least, it’s cost-effective.

Cost-effective? How?

The handling systems can save you a lot of money in the long term. An example is that the machines we build are time-saving. Besides, distribution is a lot faster and you no longer need employees for these activities.

Of course, machines consist of sensitive parts that require frequent maintenance. “Do you not spend a lot of time on this?” Not with the Apollo systems. Of course, you have to maintain the systems well, but you will not spend much time on this, since the Apollo systems are very qualitative and low maintenance.

So why is a handling system cost-effective?

  • It saves a lot of time;

  • The maintenance of the systems is minimal;

  • One drive motor, which saves conserving energy.

What kind of material handling systems are there?

As we just said, there are different material handling systems, each with its own function and purpose. At Apollo, we offer several such as:

  • Spiral conveyors;

  • Bucket elevators;

  • Monorails;

  • Product twisters.

Spiral conveyors

Spiral conveyors transport products up or down (or both!) in a continuous flow and have proven to be a very reliable concept in vertical conveying. Spiral conveyors move loads from level to level quickly and efficiently, without interrupting the transport process, without additional manual handling or transfers to other equipment. The conveyors are very fast and take up little space because they transport vertically.

Curious about our spiral conveyors and the possibilities for your company? Read more about it on this page.

Bucket elevators

A bucket elevator is an elevator that transports bulk materials, mainly grain and fertilizer pellets. These materials are transported vertically. The elevators can carry a variety of materials, from light to heavy.

Curious about our bucket elevators and the possibilities for your company? Read more about it on this page.

Product twisters

Our Product Twister is an innovative conveyor for inline rotation of boxes and other loads. The conveyor belt is the solution in situations where products need to be turned upside down or sideways without delay or product damage.

Curious about our product twisters and the possibilities for your company? Read more about it on this page.

How do you decide which handling system suits your needs?

As you can see, Apollo has a diverse range of handling systems, but how do you choose the right one for your company? You can make those choices based on several factors:

  • Materials;

  • Facility and space considerations;

  • Cost considerations.

It is also important to consider the purpose of the system. Where are you going to use the system for? A bucket elevator is often used for materials that must be handled with care. Usually, these are materials such as; grains, coffee, sweets, sugar, rice, beans, pet food, peanuts, flakes, seeds, tea, and much more.

Spiral conveyors, on the other hand, are widely used in the food, beverage, warehousing, newspaper, pet food, and personal care industries. These systems mainly transport bags, bundles, bins, trays, cans, bottles, containers, cardboard boxes, packaged and unpackaged items.

Spiral conveyors are mainly used in warehouses and bucket elevators are widely used in the agricultural sector. Our product twister is widely used in processes where the position of the product has to change during the packaging process.

Okay! Are there other advantages of your handling systems?

What are the different advantages of a material handling system? We have just explained why it is cost-effective. Are there any other benefits besides that?

  • Transporting materials is a lot safer;

  • It saves space because the materials are transported vertically;

  • The conveyors operate 24/7;

  • Easy to construct;

  • Increase your throughput.

Sounds interesting, how do I get in touch?

Do you see potential in our handling systems and do you want to discuss the possibilities with us? Please contact us. This can easily be done via our website on the contact page.

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