Looking for a grain bucket elevator?


Looking for a grain bucket elevator?

Looking for a Grain bucket elevator?

So, you have a company or farm that transports grain or other agricultural products and you are looking for a solution to gently conveying your grain. Our grain bucket elevator can be your solution!

Where can I use a grain bucket elevator for?

As earlier mentioned, our bucket elevators are used for very gentle handling of all kinds of granular products, including grain. One of the main benefits is that the bucket elevator combines both horizontal and vertical transport in one machine. Also, our elevators are built in a way that they can transport seeds and other sensitive products in a gentle manner. Besides, you can use different speeds; you can reach hourly capacity which goes up to 60m3 per hour!

Sounds good! Are there more benefits?

For sure! Let’s sum up all the benefits our bucket elevators have:

  • Perfect for (very) gentle handling of all kinds of granular products and other sensitive products;
  • Horizontal and vertical transport in one machine;
  • Can reach a hourly capacity which goes up to 60m3 per hour;
  • Perfect for seeds with high content of oil;
  • Compliant with food regulations;

Compliant with food regulations?

That’s right! For all product related products there are food regulations, so as well for grain. We understand that the food safety regulations has continuously sharpened by bodies like the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). European CE1935/2007 and FDA regulations do stipulate that any migration of material which is in direct contact with food should be reduced to a minimum.

This kind of legislation has gradually seen across the agricultural sector. Besides, often equipment has to comply with these standards. Our bucket elevators do comply with all of these regulations.

I would like to know more!

Great! Let us help you further. You can contact us by finding our contact detailing on the contact page. If you would like to request for a quotation, you can fill in the form here.

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