Innovations: Dual Lane Mass Flow


Innovations: Dual Lane Mass Flow

The APOLLO Mass Flow Spiral Conveyors are perfectly designed for handling full and empty bottles, cans, cups, jars, other similar single containers, and many more. It is especially suited and widely used in the food and beverage industry.

The conveyor can handle up to a high capacity of 120.000 units per hour, depending on the unit size and the chosen chain slat width. However, in some cases, even this is not enough to cater to the ever-growing capacities of our customers!

The Royal APOLLO Group always listens to the ever-changing needs and dreams of our customers. As such, the Dual Lane Mass Flow Spiral Conveyor is developed to service exactly what a customer of ours needed: to double the capacity, while keeping the same Royal APOLLO reliability!

Does this new model answer your requirements? Do you have other unique requirements of your own? We’re always available to consult you, so reach out to us at any time!

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