Happy 175th anniversary to us!


Happy 175th anniversary to us!

No Coca-Cola and Tesla from A to B without the APOLLO Group

For many years the APOLLO Group makes sure that brands like Coca-Cola and Tesla roll through their factories by using Apollo machines. In February 2022 APOLLO will reach the milestone of 175 years in business. It is one of the oldest Dutch family businesses, in the hands of the family van den Pol for 6 generations.

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Woman in a man’s world

6 years ago, Claudia took over the company, after several different functions within the family company. With her clear vision, she was able to take the company to a higher level. Now she is travelling around the world half of the time. The international company has branches from Shanghai to the United States. Everywhere Claudia makes a presence she is noticed. She is a very welcome partner in this predominantly man dominated market. She confidently proclaims; “Together with all our fantastic employees, I am planning to conquer the world”

The most well-known brands over our conveyors

The diversity in our product range makes it that everybody, without actually knowing it, has an affiliation with APOLLO on a daily basis. The M&M’s which you ate went through a Bucket Elevator, the Amazon and Picnic parcels went over our Spiral Conveyors to eventually find your home. APOLLO designs and sells these transportation systems for the food and beverage industries as well as e-commerce, warehousing and internal logistics. Our machines transport products horizontal, and from top to bottom through factories.

175 Years of growth

The company started in 1847 as a blacksmith in Nijkerk. Now, years later, the company has more than 200 employees and the multinational company is based in Coevorden where half of all our employees work with passion on the machines. In charge of APOLLO, Claudia opened a production facility in Thailand in 2017. APOLLO also opened a sales office in China in 2017 and in India 2020. Now they both have a service center also. In 2021 Ryson International (North and South America) was also added to the Group. Presently, the APOLLO Group is working on further expansion and APOLLO is looking forward to the next 175 years!

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