APOLLO's commitments to excellence


APOLLO's commitments to excellence

Most Spiral Conveyors are pre-assembled and shipped in one piece. One of Apollo’s commitments to excellence is that after each machine passes a QC checklist, we additionally run and test each unit before shipping. This reduces the time and cost of installation and ensures a smooth installation on site.

For installation purposes a Spiral Conveyor can also be delivered in more pieces. Even if the Spiral Conveyors will be sent in pieces due to transport or installation space constraints, we will still pre-assemble and conduct the test in-house before disassembly again for transport. All this is to ensure every single machine lives up to our standard and our customer’s satisfaction!

Our team checks that the Spiral Conveyor works properly, by carrying out a wide range of inspections in the field of speed, dimensions, motor type, noise (max. 72dB), etc.

Please contact us (sales-vts@apollobv.com) for any kind of support for vertical transportation requirements.

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