Spiral conveyor design


Spiral conveyor design

Spiral conveyors are tailored to exactly suit the requirements of our customers and come in different shapes and sizes. The spiral conveyor design can also vary. Apollo spiral conveyors are designed using our proven and reliable technologies and offer many features and benefits. We offer conveyors for various applications from heavy goods to small goods and from cartons to bottles.

Why is the design of a spiral conveyor important?

Why is the design of a spiral conveyor so important? In your warehouse or production area, you can transport various products, such as bottles, cartons, small products, heavy products, fragile products etc. In order to transport these products in the most effective and efficient way possible, Apollo has developed various designs. These designs ensure that the products to be transported get the treatment they require.

What designs do we offer?

Apollo has developed a conveyor for almost every application. Below we will list our spiral conveyor models for you:

Single Lane Spiral Conveyor

The Single Lane Spiral Conveyor is a well-known conveyor that transports single pack products in a continuous flow up or down. The conveyor can be used to vertically transport a wide range of products such as: cartons, totes, bags, bundles, trays, cans, bottles, containers, boxes and packed and unpacked articles.

Dual Lane Spiral Conveyor

The Dual Lane Spiral Conveyor actually does exactly the same thing as the Single Lane conveyor, only the Dual Lane conveys twice as much capacity via two separate conveying lanes that can run in the same or opposite direction, resulting in twice the throughput!

Heavy Duty Spiral Conveyor

Are you transporting heavy products to a considerable height? Then the Apollo Heavy Duty Spiral Conveyor can help you do just that. We have developed this conveyor especially for transporting heavier goods. These conveyors can also go higher than the single and dual lane. They can also be equipped with multiple shoot-in and/or shoot-out conveyors throughout the elevation height.

Mass Flow Spiral Conveyor

Do you need to mass transport full or empty bottles, jars, cups, and cans up or down? Then the Mass Flow conveyor is ideal for your warehouse or production area! The products are conveyed vertically in a continuous mass flow.

Narrow Trak Spiral Conveyor

The Narrow Trak Spiral Conveyor is ideal for smaller products such as consumer goods like toiletries and single lanes of bottles, cups, and cans. As the conveyor footprint is very small, it saves a lot of space, and you can use your space effectively.

Wide Trak Spiral Conveyor

The Wide Trak Spiral Conveyor is a unique solution for transporting products with a variety of loads, large and small, while using one set of track and motor, making it an ideal and reliable solution for warehouse and order picking operations.

Would you like to take a closer look at our designs?

Would you like to take a closer look at our designs and models? Then take a look in our virtual showroom! Here you can take a closer look at our most important features. Do you have further questions about our systems? Please contact us via the contact form on our website.

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