Bucket Elevator type Z


Bucket Elevator type Z

The bucket elevator z is highly suitable for silent operations and is mostly used in the food packaging industry. The bucket elevator z can be adjusted to the height you need. In this article we go through all the in’s and out’s of the bucket elevator z.

What is a bucket elevator z?

The Z type bucket lift is, as the name suggests, a bucket lift in the shape of a Z. The lifts can help in transporting mainly rice, nuts, pet food and beans. The production capacity is high but the energy consumption is low. The chain speed of the machine is low and almost no returning phenomenon. This makes the reactive power loss low, the noise low and the life of the machine is long.

What is a bucket elevator z used for?

The machine is mainly just for lifting the products from low to the advanced level or other equipment. For a workshop with limited space, this machine a good solution. The machine lifts a lot of solid and granular materials. Such as potato chips, cookies, candy, animal feed, peanuts, rice, etc. This machine is mainly used in the food industry.

What are the advantages of a bucket elevator z?

The bucket elevator z has a few advantages. We collected a few of them and we show it underneath:

  • The structure is full-closed and has no pollution;

  • The transport speed is adjustable;

  • The can tolerate high and low temperatures;

  • Easy to install and maintain;

  • The height is between 2 and 12 meters and can be customized based on your wishes;

  • The energy consumption is low;

  • The noise is low;

  • High transport capacity.

There is one big difference between a horizontal or a vertical bucket elevator and a bucket elevator z. A bucket elevator z is mainly used to convey the materials of solid and granular. Of course the outside is different, because the bucket elevator z is in a z form.

Control system

The bucket elevator z comes with a control panel. The control panel has a stop, work, run and emergency stop. Also included is an auto/manual, speeds adjustable and aim to remove and install the buckets. The control panel has two terminals for the wire of the combination scale. These are for controlling the bucket z conveyor running or for stopping automatically by using the sensor in the machine.

Sounds good, is this something for me?

Do you need a machine for lifting food? That also can change heights and can change speed. Then is this the machine you need! The machine can easily transport food and is feary silent. These are not the only advantages. The machine can also tolerate low and high temperatures. The machine is a very safe machine, because he automatically stops when you get close to the sensor.

I want more information. How do I get in touch with ROYAL Apollo group?

Do you want more information about a bucket elevator z? We would like to tell you more about the bucket elevator z. If you have any questions, we would be happy to answer all of them. Get in touch with us! You can contact us via the form on our website.

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