What Is the Difference Between a Spiral Conveyor and a Case Lift?

What Is the Difference Between a Spiral Conveyor and a Case Lift?

Although Spiral Conveyors and Case Lifts are very similar, there are some differences that set these machines apart. To give you a clear overview of these differences, we dedicate this article to: What is the difference between a Spiral Conveyor and a Case Lift? But before we do that, it might be useful to explain the exact functions of the two machines and what their uses are.

What is a Spiral Conveyor?

Let's start with the Spiral Conveyor! This machine is also known as belt incline conveyor, spiral elevator, vertical conveyor, vertical lift, spiral curve, helix and even Spiralveyor. A spiral conveyor actually describes two types of conveyor systems that cater to different industries. We know the bulk material-handling screw conveyor and the belt or slat conveyor.

The bulk material-handling screw conveyor uses an enclosed spiral screw. This screw is used to move loose bulk particles and powders in a vertical direction. The belt or slat conveyor is used in a completely different way. Namely, it is used to move boxes, parcels, trays, bins and other items in a vertical direction. Good to know: Apollo makes only slat conveyors and not screw conveyors.

What is common to both conveyor systems is that they move goods in a vertical direction rather than a horizontal direction. Each system is suitable and applicable for different industries. The bulk material-handling screw is for example very popular in chemical processing, consumer products and the food processing industry. Belt or slat conveyors are mainly used in packaging and assembly processes, parcel transport, handling and general production.

What is a Case Lift?

On the other hand, we have Case Lifts. These are machines that can move crates, boxes and other packages vertically, among other things. Via a conveyor belt, a box is let into the machine. It is then loaded vertically upwards. Case lifts, like spiral conveyors, have the advantage of taking up little space. However, they do tend to suffer from wear and tear, which can lead to inactivity. In addition, they usually require a lot of maintenance.

What sets a Spiral Conveyor apart from a Case Lift?

So what exactly are the differences between spiral conveyors and Case Lifts? Both transport products vertically rather than horizontally, however, spiral conveyors feature an industry-leading, forward-thinking design. This allows them to move loads significantly faster and more reliably than Case Lifts.

In addition, loads via a spiral conveyor do not need to be synchronized. This is due to the continuous material flow. Finally, an additional advantage is that spiral conveyors require a lot less maintenance compared to Case Lifts.

Modular design

Due to an innovative modular design, we at Apollo have the ability to easily customize any spiral conveyor to suit your needs. This can be easily done on site and the innovative design makes it incredibly cost-effective. The position and length of both the inward tangent on upward spirals and the outward tangent on downward spirals can be adjusted.

In a nutshell, what are the main advantages of Royal Apollo Group's Spiral Conveyors?

In a nutshell, what exactly are the biggest advantages of Apollo's Spiral Conveyors? To show you these in more detail, we have put together a clear summary for you below:

  • Cost-effective;

  • Safer transport;

  • Fast production;

  • The maintenance is minimal;

  • The conveyors operate 24/7;

  • They can save space because spiral conveyors transport vertically.

What types of conveyors does Royal Apollo Group offer?

Spiral Conveyors come in different shapes and sizes. Because we at Apollo manufacture our own conveyor development, we can offer Conveyor Solutions that perfectly suit our customers' needs. Over the years, we have come across several well-known problems in a variety of industries on which we have based our systems. Currently, we offer:

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Custom-made spiral conveyors

Is the conveyor for your specific needs not in the list above? No problem! Apollo also manufactures Spiral Conveyor systems tailored to our customers' needs. This is due to the modular properties of our systems. This way, we can make custom-made systems for our customers and together we always find a solution.

The solution for many industries

As our systems can transport a wide set of products, they are used in many different types of industries:

Warehousing and Logistics:

The future of warehousing is literally reaching a new height! Using vertical space has potential to improve efficiency in any warehouse or order fulfillment process. As logistic automation technology continues to play a crucial role, our vertical conveyors are becoming more indispensable than ever.

Food & Beverage

In this fast growing, low-margin industry, it is important that companies can rely on reliable machinery. Apollo offers solutions for seamless height adjustment at every point in your process, ranging from bottling to final packaging and storage.

Consumer Packaged Goods:

Problems with variations in products and the flexibility of multiple packs can lead to complications when packaging lines are not sufficiently flexible to handle packs of various sizes. Our conveyors are capable of handling a wide range of sizes and shapes of goods simultaneously, without downtime!

Industrial & Manufacturing:

As large machines take up much floor space, many production lines send materials overhead from one process to another. Our solution accommodates various temperatures and also allows vertical accumulation for cooling or curing, all with limited space requirements.

What’s in it for you?

Why should you use spiral conveyors in your work process? Good question: do you want to increase your production and efficiency in your warehouse or agricultural work? Then our machines are a perfect solution!

By using Apollo’s smart transport solutions, you can reduce your transportation time and costs significantly. The new way of working is also a lot safer for your employees. Below we will list all the benefits for you again:

Space savings:

Our transportsystems make it possible to save a lot of space in your warehouse or other logistic center. This is possible because our systems transport goods in a vertical direction instead of a horizontal direction.

High throughput:

Our systems can realize a high throughput that significantly increases the productivity in your logistic processes. Our systems move various product sizes and shapes continuously at speeds up to 60 m./min.

Low installation and integration cost:

Our equipment undergoes pre-testing and is usually shipped as a whole, resulting in savings on implementation costs. The modular design also enables quick and cost-effective adjustments, with very limited downtime.

Customizable to Specific Applications:

Specific applications have unique requirements. Almost every aspect of our machines can be customized to fit perfectly into your specific process and environment.

High Efficiency:

We guarantee excellent durability, low noise and low energy consumption in transport applications. Even the heaviest loads require only one small motor.

Low downtime and maintenance:

Our solutions require only minimal customisation and maintenance. Even regular preventive maintenance does not require much offline time. It has been proven that, with proper maintenance, our equipment lasts for decades!

Global coverage; local service:

Royal Apollo operates globally, with sales, service and support on a global scale. This ensures that both international and local customers are reassured and easy to connect with.

Nearly 180 years of experience:

With nearly 180 years of business experience, we have extensive knowledge of transport, understand what is effective and what is not. We are ready to work together during the design phase to find the optimal solution for your applications.

Sounds interesting, how do I get in touch?

Do you have an interest in exploring the capabilities of our systems for your warehouse? Reach out to us! We are more than happy to inform you with the essential information. Connecting with us is simple through the form on our contact page.