Our Thai factory produced its first Bucket Elevator


Our Thai factory produced its first Bucket Elevator

The production center of Royal Apollo Group in the Asia Pacific region is located in Bangkok, Thailand. In the past six years since its establishment, the production of spiral conveyors has become very mature; The production and further promotion of bucket elevators in Asia have also been planned for a long time. Last year, our Thai engineers conducted a series of studies and training at the Dutch factory of Royal Apollo Group headquarters. The first bucket elevator produced by a Thai factory located in Asia was officially completed recently.

The Royal Apollo Group's bucket elevator, as a production milestone, means that we have officially become a global manufacturer of bucket elevators. At the same time, every factory of Royal Apollo located around the world is fully producing bucket elevators and striving to serve our customers.

Our R&D and production teams are working tirelessly to ensure the perfection of each production process, from design and manufacturing to final quality inspection and control. We are proud of the research, development and production of bucket elevators, and we are also pleased to continue providing high-quality conveyors to customers worldwide.

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