Compact spiral elevator conveyor


Compact spiral elevator conveyor

Compact spiral elevator conveyor

Perhaps you have a company in the personal care-, food- or beverage industry and you are looking for a solution to handle your materials. However, space is important for your business, since you do not have infinite surface area. Besides, floor space is valuable for your business. What you need is a space-saving solution! Our compact spiral elevator conveyor can help you solve your needs.

What is a compact spiral conveyor in your opinion?

That depends on your company and products. We have multiple compact spiral elevator conveyors. We understand that floor space is valuable for your company. Therefore, we would like to know your business and needs better to get a better understanding. It is also important to know what industry you are in and which products you would like to handle.

We have normal spiral conveyors, which are already compact. We also have the Narrow Trak Spiral Conveyor. This conveyor is even smaller compared to other spiral elevator conveyors. Again, it depends on your business, wishes and the products you would like to handle.

How does this compact spiral elevator conveyor work?

Our vertical conveyors bring several products from A to Z by vertically transporting the products up- or downwards. Our reliable technology and modular design makes all our spiral conveyors efficient. Besides, it is a great way to save valuable floor space, since the transport will take place vertically.

Is a Narrow Trak Conveying System suitable for my products?

Could be! Be aware that our Narrow Trak Conveying System is especially suited for conveying small single items. After conveying, these products will be transferred into small cartons and packages at a later point. These conveying systems could be suitable for industries such as personal care, food and beverage. The most common products to handle are coffee cups, make-up, facial wash, canned foods and fragrances. Even small crates could be transported with this system. Also important is the weight of the loads you are transporting. The Narrow Track can handle loads up to 25 kg per meter.

How about other spiral conveyor systems?

Difficult to say! We have for example the single lane spiral conveyor, which also saves space. This spiral conveyor could be interesting for the food-, beverage-, newspaper-, pet food- and personal care industries. The most common products for this conveyor system are bags, totes, trays, cans, bottles, containers, cartons, wrapped and unwrapped items. The single lane spiral conveyor can handle loads up to 50 kg per meter.

I am not sure which compact spiral elevator conveyor suits my needs.

That is completely understandable. There are quite a few factors which are important to make a decision. We offer many more options for vertical conveying. If you would like to know which model best suits your business, feel free to contact us! You can request a quotation here or find one of our representatives' contact details here.

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