Customer Success Story

Customer Success Story

How Royal APOLLO VTS solves logistics problems in the mother & baby care industry

Customer Success Story

In short:

Branch: Mother & baby care industry
Type of machine (s):
- 2 Heavy Duty Spiral Conveyor 1700-600
- 1 Single Lane Spiral Conveyor 1600-600

Type of products: Cartons

Country: China

E-commerce has grown enormously due to the convenience, value, and choice it offers consumers. The increase in online shopping generates new economic growth and spurs innovation among sellers by maximizing the efficiency of their supply chain. Our customer, a professional organization in the mother & baby care industry, is facing the same trend. They formed a mature business system with a physical store and an e-commerce platform. To meet the daily shipment demand of tens of thousands of boxes, the logistics center was expanded in a second phase and now counts a total of 31.000 square meters.

Customer Success Story

Improving conveying efficiency

Offering the right variety and amount of products is an ongoing challenge for most businesses. This also applies to our customer, who is facing a high SKU count. This results in increasing manual operations, which in turn negatively impacts labor intensity and low conveying efficiency. Therefore, their main goal was to improve the automation level. The customer hopes to meet the conveying needs of multi-in & multi-out inductions between floors through a variety of mixed material conveying methods.

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Customer Success Story

Technical solutions based on customer needs

  • Heavy Duty Spiral conveyor to improve the efficiency of multi-floor transport

Besides the multi-in & multi-out inductions, the customer has a high volume with up to 2500 boxes per hour and products weighing up to 30kg. Our Apollo Heavy Duty Spiral Conveyors are an excellent solution in projects such as this. They are designed in response to the need for conveyors that can reach a greater height and that can handle more weight. It uses a 1-inch chain design, with a maximum load of 100 kg/m, while the size of the slats are also wider and thicker than a standard model which uses ¾-inch chain, with a maximum load of 50 kg/m.

  • Reduce customer maintenance costs due to high quality

Thanks to the high quality of our chains and slats, the Apollo Spiral Conveyors ensure transport efficiency and stability. At the same time, abrasive resistance is stronger with a good service life, which reduces maintenance frequency and decreases downtime of the machines.

  • Custom-made design

Every Royal Apollo machine is tailored to the customer needs. Besides meeting technical needs, the spiral conveyors are produced according to the brand colors of the customer. In this project, the newly built warehouse is vivid and dynamic with the color of the spiral conveyors impressively standing out.

  • On-site installation

In order to dispel the customer's concerns about the installation, the design has been based on the on-site construction requirements. Due to move-in space limitations, the spirals are all shipped in parts and quickly assembled on site, which greatly reduces the equipment admission and impact on other site equipment.

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Cost reduction and efficiency improvement

Committed to reducing our customers’ total costs and increasing line efficiency, Royal Apollo provides professional vertical transport solutions that help customers improve conveying automation and reliability. We are proud to have contributed in making the delivery efficiency of this mother & baby care logistics center exceed its initial requirements at the beginning of the planning!

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