We are celebrating International Women's Day


We are celebrating International Women's Day

As Apollo we’re celebrating International Women’s Day.

Suwalee tells her story about being a women within an engineering organization. The message which she wants to share is: Be honest to yourself! Never underestimate your own capability!

Why did you choose to become a Sales Engineer?

When I decided to apply for this job I wasn’t overly confident as the products were completely new to me. Though I believed in myself, relying on my academic background and previous experience, that I could handle the job.

What does ‘Gender Equality’ mean to you in your work life?

Having the freedom to voice my opinion and thoughts knowing that people are listening to me, and that I can make a difference. Diversity of people and related opinions contributes to future success of the company.

How important is it for women to support each other and what does this mean for you?

This is very important. It is very motivational if women around me, like my mother, understand and support what I do. This empowers me to pick up the more tough challenges.

What would you like to share with women reflecting on their careers?

Be honest to yourself! Do what you really want to do and never underestimate your own capability.

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