Wat’s on Tour, Day 2: Moving to Melbourne


Wat’s on Tour, Day 2: Moving to Melbourne

Wat’s on Tour, Day 2: Moving to Melbourne

Welcome back to the second blog of our service travel mini-series!

Our service supervisor's second day of the Spiral Conveyor health check-up trip in Australia has brought him to Melbourne to meet with one of our integrator partners and go together to conduct on-site visits with two of our Spiral Conveyor end users.

At the first stop, Wat inspected the Spiral Conveyors in the facility of one of Australia’s largest food manufacturers to ensure they were running smoothly and hygienically. After that, he visited another customer, this time a global logistics provider at their warehouse facility to conduct another health check on machine safety and reliability.

Our customers' satisfaction and smooth operation of their Spiral Conveyors are our top priorities, and we always strive to provide them with the best service possible, no matter where they are located.

Stay tuned for the last day of his trip, where he'll be taking the train into the countryside for a visit to the charming city of Wagga Wagga for another Spiral Conveyor health check-up.

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