Wat’s on Tour, Day 1: Sydney Session


Wat’s on Tour, Day 1: Sydney Session

Last month, our service supervisor, Mr. Wat, kicked off his first Spiral Conveyor health check-up trip in Australia, thereby providing the perfect chance to launch our new travel blog mini-series called “Wat’s on Tour”!

Upon arrival in Sydney, Wat started with a training session for KNAPP team in their Sydney office on maintaining and optimizing Apollo Spiral Conveyors. These Spiral Conveyors were purchased through their European branch and shipped to Australia, but the origin doesn’t matter to us since we take care of them in any part of the world!

We're committed to proactively keeping systems running smoothly and providing the best support for our customers, therefore this training is just an example of how we're delivering on that promise.

Stay tuned for two more blog posts this week, where we'll share the exciting details of Wat’s visits to other companies in Melbourne and Wagga Wagga for Spiral Conveyor health check-ups!

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