Vertical conveying system


Vertical conveying system

Do you have a warehouse and do you wish to use as little floor space and efficiently as possible? Are you searching for a solution to transport your goods, such as cans, bottles, or tires? Perhaps our vertical conveying system suits your needs!

Apollo VTS is the worldwide leader of vertical conveying systems. With our main USPs in the back of our minds, we create and supply vertical transport systems. In this article, we discuss the following subjects

  • What is a vertical conveying system?

  • Which types of vertical transport systems are there?

  • Which system suits my needs?

  • Why choose an Apollo vertical system?

What is a vertical conveying system?

Basically, a vertical conveyor (or conveying system) is a machine that can be used to move products from one level to another. The name already reveals how the machine moves objects, namely vertical.

Which types of vertical transport systems are there?

There are multiple kinds of vertical conveyor systems. The most common we supply are the bucket elevator and the spiral conveyor.

Bucket elevator

A bucket elevator doesn’t only transport goods vertically, but also horizontally. Bucket elevators are suited for example products in food, agriculture, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, ceramic, glass, recycling, and other materials which require gentle handling. Bucket elevators are mostly used for grains, coffee, sweets, rice, sugar, beans, pet food, peanuts, flakes, seeds, tea, and more.

Spiral conveyors

We have multiple types of spiral conveyors. Every spiral conveyor is designed according to our proven reliable technology, which offers many features and benefits. There are many different types of spiral conveyors. The type of spiral conveyor which suits your needs depends on your products, floor space, and more. Our specialist can give you personalized advice.

Which system suits my needs?

That is a logical question. This depends on some factors. We need to know which product or products you transport. Besides, we need to think strategically about how we can use the space efficiently. If floor space is valuable, we could look for smaller spiral conveyors, such as the narrow trak spiral conveyor. If we need to transport big loads, we probably will need the wide trak spiral conveyor. Our specialists can give you advice.

Why choose an Apollo vertical conveyor system?

As mentioned before, Apollo VTS is the world’s leading supplier of these systems. We have the following Unique Selling Points:

  • High-quality machines;

  • Developing the machine in cooperation with you;

  • Think in solutions;

  • The customer comes first;

  • 24/7 customer service;

  • Flexibility.

I need an Apollo vertical Conveyor system!

Great! Let us help you further. You can contact us by finding our contact details on the contact page. If you would like to request a quotation, you can fill in the form here.

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