Transporting heavy loads


Transporting heavy loads

Conveyors are an effective and time-efficient way to transport goods easily from point A to point B. However, sometimes you are forced to work with these conveyors if, for example, you are transporting a lot of heavy materials. Transporting heavy loads does not have to be difficult. We explain how to do it.

We'll tell you:

  • What is considered heavy loads transports;
  • How this is done;
  • Which conveyors are suitable for transporting heavy loads.

What are considered heavy loads transports?

Let's start with the concept: what exactly does transporting heavy goods involve? By transporting heavy goods we mean goods that are obviously heavy and often indivisible. According to our understanding, it is a total weight between 50 and 100 kg.

How is this done?

Weights of 50 kg minimum and 100 kg maximum are also transported using a spiral conveyor. This conveyor is stronger than a regular conveyor and can also transport up to 100 meters instead of 50.

If you are going to load your conveyor belt with weights over 50 kg and up to a maximum of 100 kg, your conveyor belt must be specially built for this purpose. Not all conveyor belts can handle this much weight and overloading can cause them to fail.

Which conveyors can be used for this?

But if I cannot use regular conveyor belts? Which conveyors should I use then? A good question to which a clear answer is very important.

Are you going to load your conveyor belt with a weight between 50- and 100 kg? Then you mustn't use our “Single or Dual lane spiral conveyor” to get this job done. We recommend in this case to use our “Heavy Duty Spiral Conveyor”. This spiral conveyor is specially made for transporting heavy goods.

By using our “Heavy Duty Spiral Conveyor”, you can transport heavier and higher. You save space through vertical transport and the maintenance of our machines is relatively low. Want to see all the advantages of vertical transport? We have described them here for you.

I am interested in Apollo’s Heavy Duty Conveyors!

The Heavy Duty Spiral Conveyor sounds good! Let us help you further. You can contact us by finding our contact details on the contact page. If you would like to request a quotation, you can fill in the form here.

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