Tire Logistics


Tire Logistics

The tire industry is very important and indispensable in the automotive world. Tires come in all shapes and sizes, but what they all have in common, is that they are relatively heavy and not easy to move. Tire logistics can be a fine solution here. Today we’re going to talk about:

  • What is the tire industry?

  • How to transport efficiently and safe in this industry?

  • I’m interested, how do I get in touch?

What is the tire industry?

The tire industry, as the name suggests, includes all industries in which tires are processed or manufactured. Tires are used in a wide range of applications and come in all shapes and sizes. There are tires for tractors and trucks, but also for cars, motorbikes and scooters. No one can deny that these vehicles need wheels, so the production and transport of them is very important.

Tires are, next to the engine, the foundation of motor vehicles. Without tires, these vehicles cannot function. Therefore, it is important that the production of the tires is done safely and securely, but also that the transport must be done in a safe way.

How to transport efficiently and safe in this industry?

When transporting tires, it is important that they are not damaged. Nobody wants a damaged tyre under their car. This can lead to very unsafe situations in traffic if the damage is overlooked. Safe transport is therefore certainly not an unnecessary luxury.

But how do you do it? Transporting tires safely and efficiently? Apollo has the solution: conveyor belts. With our various conveyor belts, you as a distributor need never again worry about the logistics within your warehouse. The conveyor belts transport in a safe manner and in addition it covers the costs and saves a considerable amount of time.

All the advantages of our conveyors in a row:

  • Our conveyor systems are cost-efficient;

  • Our conveyor systems ensure faster production;

  • Our conveyor systems are safer for staff and goods;

  • Our conveyor systems do not require much maintenance.

What types of conveyor systems do we supply?

Just like tires, conveyor systems come in different shapes and sizes, each with its own function, application and benefits. At Apollo we work with:

  • Spiral conveyors;

  • Bucket elevators;

  • Product twisters.

Which conveyor system is suitable for tires?

There are different variants in each category of the conveyor. For transporting tires, it is best to use a spiral conveyor and in particular the gravity spiral conveyor. The main difference between this conveyor and the rest of the conveyors is that this conveyor moves the load without using motor power. The load is moved by means of rollers.

This conveyor, therefore, uses rollers and is not suitable for transporting small and light goods. However, this type of conveyor is ideal for tires.

I’m interested, how do I get in touch with ROYAL Apollo group?

Are you interested in our conveyor systems? We would be happy to tell you more about our innovative systems. We are ready to answer any questions you may have. Contact us via the form on our website.

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