The Renewed Single Lane Spiral Conveyor


The Renewed Single Lane Spiral Conveyor

We would like to introduce you to our renewed Single Lane Spiral Conveyor!

As always, we listen closely to our customers and what improvements they would like to see. With these needs and requirements in mind, we launch our renewed and improved Single Lane Spiral Conveyor.

Because we always design in consultation with our customers, we started looking for ways to ensure shorter production and delivery times. We found the solution in working with standardized components, which fits well with our modular design. These standardized components allow us to deliver the highest quality within a shorter time frame. The Single Lane Spiral Conveyor is now better suited for spiral stacking: by removing the support frame at the bottom, the spiral can be stacked upon another spiral. This means it is now possible to reach even greater heights with our Single Lane Spiral Conveyor.

In short, these are the main advantages of the Single Lange Spiral Conveyor:

  • Design based on the same principles, with the same quality;
  • Equipped with a new look & feel;
  • Shorter delivery time, thanks to standardized components;
  • Possibility to stack spirals easily and achieve greater heights.

If you have any questions about our new spiral conveyor, please feel free to contact us!

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