Quiet warehouse conveying is realistic


Quiet warehouse conveying is realistic

Preventing additional warehouse noise

Anyone who works in a production facility or distribution centre knows what noisy places they are. Forklifts, the constant whirr of conveyors and the steady beat of all things mechanized often mean that noise level ranges can be from 78-84 decibels, providing an uncomfortable environment for operatives.

  • Government agencies have identified noise-induced hearing loss and stress as the top concerns for workers
  • OSHA regulations limit exposure to 90 dBA for 8-hour shifts, with some agencies encouraging even lower levels of ambient noise
  • Between 50 and 60 dBA is considered comfortable and is the range where productivity and personal safety is least impacted

Apollo's Spiral Conveyors stay below the 60 dBA limit, whilst running at nominal speed, and are the only spiral conveyors on the market to stay within this limit. Their design, with slat-chain construction relies on bearings to prevent sliding forces and therefore unwanted additional warehouse noise.

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