Quadruplet Stainless Steel Spiral Conveyors


Quadruplet Stainless Steel Spiral Conveyors

Branch: Beverage Industry

Type of machine: Stainless steel 1200-300

Type of products: Shrink wraps

Country: India

These quadruplet stainless steel Spiral Conveyors are ready to be shipped to India! The 4 Spiral Conveyors are almost identical. The only difference is the degree of turn variations between the infeed and outfeed. In this project, we’ve got all four basic variations!

2 spirals are upward 1 clockwise and 1 counterclockwise.

2 spirals are downward again 1 clockwise and 1 counterclockwise.

Although at a glance the appearance may look similar, Apollo’s stainless steel Spiral Conveyors can come in different types. There are two types of stainless steel Spiral Conveyors that can be selected based on the transported products, the environment, or the required appearance by the customer, due to the usage of different components in certain areas. One is applicable for dry products and can be cleaned by wiping only, which is called "Stainless Steel Dry Use". The other type is "Stainless Steel Wash Down", which is applicable for wet products and cleaning may be done by wiping and rinsing.

Don’t know which is the best version for you? We are happy to discuss which Spiral Conveyor specifications are suitable for your requirements!

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