Handling Equipment


Handling Equipment

Handling Equipment, creating a streamlined production flow

With Industrial Material Handling, you can fully or partially automate the transport processes within your warehouse. There are various tools, vehicles, and machines that can achieve this goal. These tools can help you transport, control, protect and store goods.

Shelving, racks, bins, and drawers are all examples of material handling equipment, but at Apollo, we focus more on equipment suitable for bulk transport. This includes the transport of food, liquids, and seeds.

Why should I use handling equipment?

Do you have a warehouse where you have to handle a lot of bulk material? Then material handling equipment is a must-have. These systems ensure that material is moved, controlled, and stored in a safe and fast way.

By installing material handling equipment, you increase the efficiency of your production and you can transport more goods in a shorter time. It is also a lot safer for your employees since they no longer have to deal with the transport of (heavy) goods.

What handling equipment does Royal APOLLO offer?

Apollo offers several machines to take your logistics to the next level. We'll run through them below:

Spiral conveyors

With our spiral conveyors, you can transport goods vertically. The big advantage of vertical transport is that it saves a lot of space because the goods are transported upwards. Spiral conveyors are used for transporting a wide range of products such as bottles, boxes, and crates. Spiral conveyors are available in different types:

Bucket elevators

Our bucket elevators are ideal for transporting food and agriculture-related products. The lifts are widely used in agriculture and in transporting goods that require careful handling.

Belt conveyor

In addition to our spiral conveyors, we also offer belt conveyors. The big difference lies in the direction in which the products are transported. Spiral conveyors transport vertically and belt conveyors transport horizontally. Belt Conveyors are suitable for both packaged goods and bulk products.

I am interested in Royal APOLLO ’s Conveyors!

Are you interested in Apollo’s conveyors? Let us help you further. You can contact us by finding our contact details on the contact page. If you would like to request a quotation, you can fill in the form here.

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