Gravity Spiral Conveyor


Gravity Spiral Conveyor

Gravity Spiral Conveyor

Are you looking for a gravity spiral conveyor? We can help you out! First of all, we need to see if this type of conveyor suits your needs. This may raise questions like:

  • What is a gravity spiral conveyor?

  • Are there different types of this conveyor?

  • Are my items suitable for this conveyor?

What is a gravity spiral conveyor?

Perhaps you already know what a spiral conveyor is. The main functionality of a spiral conveyor is to transfer loads from level to level quickly and efficiently. A spiral conveyor has a lot of different names, such as vertical conveyor, spiral elevator, incline conveyor...

There are several types of spiral conveyors, all with their own features and benefits. One of them is the gravity spiral conveyor. The main difference between a gravity conveyor compared to another spiral conveyor is that this conveyor moves load without utilizing motor power sources. The load is basically ‘structured falling’ due to gravity. This conveyor uses for example full rollers or skate wheels to move its loads.

Are there different types of gravity spiral conveyors?

Yes, there are gravity roller conveyors and skate wheel conveyors. These conveyors are mostly the same. The main difference is the rollers of course. The skate wheel conveyor has small wheels as rollers and the roller conveyors have fully rollers.

The roller conveyor is on average more expensive compared to the skate wheel conveyor. Also, depending on what the load is, a gravity conveyor could be more effective.

Do I need a gravity conveyor for my materials/loads?

That is an excellent question. You should be careful which products you are transporting with this type of conveyor. There could be some space between the rollers for example. Let’s see when a gravity spiral conveyor doesn’t suit your needs:

  • If your items are fragile;

  • If your items are too light;

  • If your items could fall between the spaces of the rollers.

These are some examples to know you are sure you need another material handling solution.

Okay, which items are accessible for this conveyor?

There are some items which are great for this conveyor. You can think of:

  • Tires for cars;

  • Cans or drums;

  • Plastic crates and boxes;

  • And more.

Want to know more?

Of course, we can help you further. Our spiral conveyors are designed according to our proven reliable technology. Our conveyors offer many features and benefits. We would like to advise you which kind of spiral conveyor suits your needs. Please contact us. This can easily be done via our website on the contact page.

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