Double your warehouse space by using multi-level storage systems


Double your warehouse space by using multi-level storage systems

Increasing customer demands will influence your internal logistics and processes

Online companies are changing our shopping habits; the way we look at services and the speed at which we want to receive orders. We have grown to expect delivery within 1-2 days, when only twelve months ago, 5-7 day delivery would have been the norm. This is pushing companies to change their product handling logistics and order fulfillment processes.

Goods travel via multiple handling points, rather than on pallets direct to shops. As we order increasingly bigger quantities of goods, and with larger items now forming a high percentage of orders, packaging has changed to ensure safe delivery and minimal damaged-in-transit returns.

If you need to re-evaluate product flow and increase speed of output, then the Apollo Group can help you explore the options of handling this increase in packaged goods.

Limited warehouse floor space need not be a problem, with one option being to create multiple floor levels. Surprisingly this is often the most economical way to increase your storage space. The Apollo range of vertical transport systems includes Spiral Conveyors, the most efficient way to transport goods and packages from multiple floors. Packages can shoot-in and shoot-out on every floor level and Spiral Conveyor speed can be turned up to 60 m/minute to synchronize with other transportation lines.

If you want to know more about this topic please download the free white paper. Our aim to help expanding warehouses and transportation companies increase their business.

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