Bucket Conveyor Manufacturer


Bucket Conveyor Manufacturer

Looking for a bucket conveyor Manufacturer?

Are you looking for a bucket conveyor manufacturer? Bucket conveyors (or bucket elevators) could be a solution for your handling system. But when is a bucket elevator suitable for your business? We are sure you have several questions, such as:

  • Is a bucket conveyor suitable for my products/material?
  • What are the main benefits this transport handling system?
  • Which conveyor suits our needs?
  • What is the price comes with it?

We will answer your questions in this blog. But first let’s see what a transport handlings system actually is.

What is a bucket conveyor?

A pendulum bucket elevator is a horizontal and vertical bulk transport for several kinds of products. This bucket elevator (also called bucket conveyor) is very well suited for a broad range of products. You can think about food, cosmetic, agriculture, ceramic, glass, recycling and pharmaceutical materials. But also other materials which require gentle handling! Materials such as grains, coffee, sweets, sugar, rice, bean, pet food, flakes, seeds and many more.

What are the main benefits of this conveyor?

That’s a good question. It depends on the sector you are in. General benefits are:

  • A bucket conveyor causes very gentle conveying of all kind of products;
  • The combination of horizontal and vertical transport in one machine;
  • Can transport seeds and other sensitive materials/products;
  • You can use different speeds, up to hourly capacities of 60m3/h;
  • Designed for extreme high dust levers;
  • Low maintenance and high machine reliability;
  • Our conveyors comply with most standard regulations.

Thanks for explaining, is a bucket conveyor suitable for my business?

We bet it is suitable for your products! As mentioned before, our bucket conveyors are suitable for almost all products and materials. The three main sectors that uses our transport handling systems, are:

  • Agriculture sector;
  • Food sector;
  • Industrial sector.

From screws to grain, our bucket conveyors can handle a broad variety of products/materials.

What is the price of a bucket conveyor?

Difficult to answer! Depends on your wishes and needs. We would love to tell you more about the possibilities.

I would like to be contacted to further explore the options.

Sounds good! Are you interested in one of our solutions and searching for a bucket elevator manufacturer? Please, do not hesitate to contact us! We would love to tell you more. You can contact us by email/call us or fill in our contact form on the product pages.

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