Next to our standard models, our Spiral Conveyors can be customized to specific requirements and specifications of our customer. For example, we always use quality components from world-leading suppliers. One of those is the gearmotor, which we use SEW as standard (unless another brand is requested, which we will happily comply). An option of certain SEW gearmotors that we can supply on our Spiral Conveyors is the MoviMot®. When you prefer a decentralized drive technology, the MoviMot combines the gearmotor with a digital frequency inverter. With this customization, you get a complete package compared to sourcing and installing an external frequency inverter.

Advantages of a SEW gearmotor of MoviMot®:

- One stop shop: get a complete package.

- Less cost than buy a separate frequency inverter.

- Space savings, due to only being marginally bigger than a normal gearmotor.

- No extra connection & integration hassle.

- Plug & play, easy-to-use basic functions.

- Completely under SEW warranty.

- Can be used worldwide.

Check out SEW’s benefits written on their web for more.

MOVIMOT® gearmotor with inverter | SEW-EURODRIVE

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