APOLLO becomes 'Royal APOLLO'!


APOLLO becomes 'Royal APOLLO'!

We are thrilled to announce that on our 175th anniversary, we have been awarded ‘the crown on our work’, the status of a Royal title, granted by the King of the Netherlands himself!

The predicate announces an acknowledgement for having a good reputation and symbolizes the respect, valuation, and trust of the King. An impeccable reputation and financial stability are mandatory to receive this honor.

This distinguished title literally fits like a crown on the core values which we have held high since the first-generation ‘van den Pol’: Continuity... It is what has made the Royal APOLLO Group as strong as it is today.

The long history of APOLLO and all the generations of employees contributed to make this Royal honor happen in 2022. We continuously move people, the market, and of course, our products. We at the Royal APOLLO Group are very proud and thankful for this honor. Our mission statement is 'Always Moving Forward', and we hope in the future to get the whole world moving!
We are overjoyed by this distinguished title and filled with tremendous honor.

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