Apollo 6.0, a New Look & Feel


Apollo 6.0, a New Look & Feel

As a company, we must constantly adapt in this highly dynamic world.

That is why we are at the forefront of technological development and we innovate from a multidisciplinary perspective on the business. We combine visions, opinions and areas of expertise because we believe that mutual learnings and collaboration lead to the best integrated and smartest solutions. In this way, we continue to develop.

Our new corporate identity is the result of all innovation and changes our company has gone through. That’s why we have launched our new website, including a new style and a new corporate logo! We are very proud to present you with Apollo 6.0, led by the sixth generation of the family van den Pol, Claudia van den Pol. Our company has a new fresh pink logo, a daring choice in the technical industry. We feel it shows our ambition and our courage: we are not like any other company and we are not afraid to stand out. But apart from being daring, our new corporate design is meant to show all available options, in order to give the customers insights into the solutions we can provide. We want our customers to know that we like to think along, help where necessary, and be the sparring partner for transport and conveying solutions.

Want to know how our machines can help you with your internal transport issues? Please feel free to contact us!

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