About Us

Every day we strive to develop and deliver products and services that help our customers grow. Because standing still brings you nowhere, it might even move you backwards. Especially when it comes to the production lines of our customers.

About Us
Painted by Jack van den Pol and handed over to Claudia during the celebration of the 170th anniversary of the company.

With the needs and dreams of our customers at heart, Apollo Group is an example of growth by transformation. We have almost 175 years of a proud family tradition to back this up. Together with our customers we design, manufacture, sell and install the next generation conveying solutions. Delivering both components as well as complete solutions for the material handling industry.

Always moving dreams to reality

Standing on the shoulders of her ancestors, Claudia is the 6th generation of the Van den Pol family. A family of entrepreneurs that grew from a blacksmith that started in 1847 into a worldwide player in a niche market. Being a worldwide player means being close to our global customers. Claudia and all Apollo employees are determined to realize the long-term goals of Apollo and their customers with energy, drive, and vision.

Always moving hard work to smart work

With the goal of enabling growth for our customers, we as a company must constantly adapt to this highly dynamic world. That is why we are at the forefront of technological development and we innovate from a multidisciplinary perspective on the business. We combine visions, opinions, and areas of expertise because we believe that mutual learnings and collaboration lead to the best integrated and smartest solutions. In this way, we continue to develop the future. Our future. By always being honest. In freedom and with a lot of pleasure! Please feel free to join!

About Us

"I feel privileged, that I have the opportunity to develop the company further. I do this with passion, drive and a lot of enthusiasm!" Claudia van den Pol, CEO.